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Healthcare solutions

Drive interoperability, improve information access, eliminate paper documents and enable data-driven decisions with OpenText Healthcare solutions

Today's challenges

Healthcare organizations, including hospitals, payers and providers, must evolve with the times to address a number of hurdles.

  • Timely, secure and compliant data exchange

    西藏福彩网Organizations must share patient information across a network of caregivers while and streamlining regulatory compliance.

  • Pressure to improve patient outcomes

    In a digital-first world, it is essential to achieve a holistic patient view through  to provide better patient care.

  • Shift to paperless healthcare

    西藏福彩网Organizations must build on the momentum of electronic health record systems and digitize workflows to achieve secure, compliant and efficient clinical and non-clinical .

  • Operational imperatives

    Improving productivity and visibility requires data analysis that generates actionable insights.

Customer success stories

OpenText Healthcare solutions benefits

In the medical industry, the pressure to reduce costs while increasing the quality of care is relentless. Efficient and secure communication of PHI and medical records is an important requirement for healthcare institutions as they strive to attain these difficult goals.

IDG Research, The Future of Fax in Healthcare Is Paperless, 2019

OpenText Healthcare solutions

Security and compliance

  • Enable integrated, paperless and secure faxing for key health documentation

  • Support interoperable electronic exchanges for digital care coordination

  • Exchange patient information quickly and easily from the desktop

  • Increase the speed, security and traceability of lab report distribution

Data management

  • Improve data integration and management across the care continuum

  • Enable electronic lab and imaging orders and results integration and outreach

Records and content management

Analytics and reporting

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