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Banking solutions

Enhance customer engagements, gain actionable insights and maintain security and compliance with Banking solutions from OpenText

As the banking industry undergoes disruption, financial institutions should focus on building relationships that last.

Today’s challenges

西藏福彩网The Banking industry, including retail banks and credit unions, wealth and asset management firms and corporate and treasury divisions, faces significant challenges.

  • High customer expectations

    Banks need to consistently and intelligently leverage contextual, realtime customer data to deliver the customers require.

  • Ever-evolving regulations

    Institutions must reduce regulatory operations costs and eliminate the risk of non-compliance, without impacting speed to market.

  • Increasing security threats

    Today’s threat landscape requires advanced detection and forensic-grade remediation to confidently discover and respond to events.

  • Operational imperatives

    Mounting customer expectations, regulatory changes and security challenges require banks to optimize operations to .

Customer success stories

OpenText Banking solutions benefits

西藏福彩网78% of digitally active banking respondents would bank with a tech firm, such as Amazon or Google. Banks unwilling or unable to adopt digitally-based services may lose customers to non-bank competitors.

OpenText Banking solutions

Compliance and risk

Sales and marketing


Corporate IT

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